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Rainforest Animals: Whimsical Art

Rainforest Animals Inspire Artists ~

Rainforest Animals by Loli

Loli at Work

When visitors come to Costa Rica they are inevitably thrilled with the biodiversity, and often it is the first time that they are in the presence of monkeys, toucans, sloths, scarlet macaws, rainforest animals. And certainly for all of us it is cause for much joy and amazement to witness Nature like this in all her glory! In a similar manner we notice in Galería Namu that these very animals of the rainforest which have inspired so much of the art that we offer are what people love to take home with them. They may have photos galore, but jungle animals captured through the eye of an artist will speak to their soul in a very special way.

We feel privileged to facilitate visitors in their acquisition of art treasures that will capture their experiences in nature. It is quite wonderful to witness their delight upon discovering the many variations on wildlife themes we have in the gallery. Not only our visitors but we at Namu are literally awed as well by the animal art that comes across our door! There are times when the pieces we have the privilege to offer in the gallery simply blow us away too! The most recent pieces we have acquired are a case in point.

Mother & Son Artisans of Costa Rica’s Boruca Tribe

We are referring to a remarkable fusion of the art of the jicara (also known as a calabasa or calabash) and the mask artistry of the Boruca tribe. A mother and son, Loli Fernández and Paco Lázaro, have teamed up using the fruit of the jicara tree to make the body of the rainforest animals, and the balsa wood used for the renowned Brunka masks to make the limbs. This synergy of two very creative people has resulted in rendering the essence of some of the most beautiful and whimsical rainforest animals  captured through the eyes of native artists.

Charming Rainforest Animals

Winsome Rainforest Animals

Over the years traditional as well as fanciful jicara pieces have been offered by Loli: water canteens, strainers, ladles, bowls, maracas, crocodiles and turtles to mention a few. The fruit of the jicara tree, which has been cored and the surface etched, has been used for centuries in a practical way, taking advantage of the fact that they are impermeable and thus hold water. Loli, and others, have evolved that practical aspect into charming animals that we have been delighted to offer in Namu.

Given that fairly recently, her son has emerged as one of the foremost mask makers with his painting reaching new heights of expression and technique, you can imagine how enchanted we were when these two very gifted people put their art together, and the ensuing synergy that has created animals that are both whimsical and charming.

They say a picture tells a thousand words and you may judge for yourself how true that is when you see the images of these delightful rainforest animals. Let these winsome animals charm your mind.  Although not placed on the website as yet, we do have a few of these pieces in our gallery; Contact us for photos and prices of what we currently have available.

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