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    Handmade Crafts: Cabecár Tribe Costa Rica

    The engagingly whimsical creatures, made by Costa Rica’s Cabecár indigenous tribe have been offered in Galeria Namu for about five years. These handmade crafts, an art form of which is the only artifact that we have from this tribe; in fact it is the...

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    Women Artists
    Women Artists

    No matter how many, or few, art appreciation classes we have taken in our lives, it is almost a safe bet to assume that if you are a female you have been offended by the almost total lack of representation by women artists across...

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    Wedding Ideas: Unique Gifts Celebrating Marriage

    The earth laughs in flowers; a flower is love looking for a word. From bouquets to boutonnieres every wedding is marked by a profusion of flowers to remind all involved that love and marriage are joyful, fresh occasions and as wondrous as the blossoms...

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