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This tribe, living in the Guanacaste/Nicoya region, are a people, along with other groups, that comprised the southern-most geographical/demo-graphical limit of settlement of a former ethnic diaspora from Mexico. The people of the Guanacaste/Nicoya area are the ancestors of these people and other Mesoamerican tribes.

All of the other Costa Rican tribes are said to be of a more South American influence. Today little is left of their original culture and language. Their tribal origins are unique in Costa Rica in that they come from the archeological region known as Mesoamerica. Thus their art reflects the aesthetic and cosmological influences of Mesoamerican peoples which they would have brought with them.

The families of Chorotega origin who live around Guaitíl and San Vicente practice the ancient art of pottery in the style of their ancestors using the same clays, techniques and ovens. It is a sad fact that their language has fallen into disuse for 3 generations. However, their art speaks volumes about the legacy they have inherited.

Female Power in Pre-Hispanic Costa Rica
Female Power in Pre-Hispanic Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Women of Past ~ It is always an interesting exercise to examine the role of women in society through various epochs in history, for how women are treated in a society says a lot about a culture.  Going back over a thousand years to lower Central and Meso-America one can extrapolate to some […]

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