Eco-Ethno Tours: Adventure Travel in Costa Rica

Adventure Travel: Learn about the local indigenous peoples and their cultures while exploring Costa Rica

Simple Map of Costa RicaIf you enjoy adventure travel, we welcome you to join Galería Namu in Costa Rica on one of our very special Eco-Ethno Tours; meet the indigenous artisans, view their art and experience their culture.
To provide you an overview of the tours currently on offer, please click the links below to learn more about each.  For questions, additional information or to reserve a tour we ask that you complete the form below each page and submit your queries therein. We will contact you directly and provide all details to help you plan.

2015 Eco-Ethno Indigenous Tours:

Boruca Village Tour
Boruca Village Tour

Boruca Village Tour

Located 2 hours south of San Isidro de General on the Pacific Coast in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.

Galería Namu is proud to act as a connection for you to enjoy a memorable visit to Boruca, the main village of the Brunka (Boruca) tribe, located approximately five and a half hours south west of San Joé on the Pacific Coast, and two hours South of San Isidro del General in the beautiful Terraba River valley.  This adventure travel type of tour will immerse you with the culture, the people and their customs provide a most rewarding and unforgettable experience. Read more about Boruca tour…


Bribri Village Tour

Bribri Village Tour

Located on the Caribbean Slope in the Talamanca mountains at southern most point of Costa Rica.

In the Talamanca Indigenous Reserve experience a truly unforgettable visit to a native village of the Bribri in the heart of the Talamanca mountains. Yorkín village is situated some 10 km. from the Sixaola River along the pristine and undeveloped Yorkín River. In this stretch of forest that borders Panama and on into the International La Amistad Park, visitors will have the privilege of seeing a Costa Rica that few have experienced. Read more about the Bribri tour…


Maleku Tribal Vilage
Maleku Village Tour

Maleku Village Tour

Located in Tonjibe, a Maleku village,  one hour North West of La Fortuna (near Arenal volcano)

Galería Namu is proud to act as a connection for you to enjoy a memorable visit and adventure travel to Tonjibe, a Maleku village, located approximately one hour North West of La Fortuna (Arenal volcano area). Your immersion in their culture, the people and their customs will be a rewarding and unique experience. Read more about the Maleku tour…


Ngobe (Guaymi) Tour

Ngöbe (Guaymí) Village Tour

Located on the Osa Peninsua in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone

Few places in the rainforest of Tropical America give you the opportunity to enjoy the exuberant nature, guided by people of the Ngöbe (Guaymí) indigenous community, and to share with them their traditions, their foods and their ancestral way of living in harmony with their environment. Read more about the Ngöbe tour…

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  1. We are interested in Baruka Village tour in late December or early January. Are there tours during the Fiesta de los Diabolitos. Also interested in the Maleku day tour 1 on January 4 0r 5.

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