Boruca Village Tour

Galería Namu is proud to act as a connection for you to enjoy a memorable visit to Boruca, the main village of the Brunka (Boruca) tribe, located approximately five and a half hours south west of San Joé on the Pacific Coast, and two hours South of San Isidro del General in the beautiful Terraba River valley. Your immersion with the culture, the people and their customs will be a rewarding and unforgettable experience.
The Brunka (Boruca) tribe is rich in many cultural aspects of their daily life and seasonal ceremonies. They have expressed a genuine desire to invite visitors to come and experience their way of life, and to show them the variety of traditions which are still an integral part of their culture. Apart from sharing with you their rich heritage, these tours serve as an important way to bring a different economic prospect to a community in need of expanded market possibilities. It is a dignified and mutually beneficial way to augment their limited finances.
This tribe, like all of the tribes in Costa Rica, is small, numbering less than 3,000 people. The village of Boruca has 430 people. Nonetheless, it is culturally very rich. The mother tongue, although its use is in decline, is Brunka and Spanish is mainly spoken. Many of the old ways are still practiced, and this tour will offer the visitor an opportunity to witness Brunka custom such as, mask making and weaving artisans working in their homes or workshops. Knowledgeable guides will take you to their sacred places, where you will encounter the plants and animals so important to Brunka traditions.
Boruca Village Tour
Together with tribal members, Namu has put together a memorable opportunity for visitors to Costa Rica who would like a culturally enriched experience. Your visit with Brunka (Boruca) families will facilitate your understanding of the cultural richness of this country’s aboriginal people. Indeed they are proud to offer this opportunity to relate their culture, sacred tribal places and art.
Tour Content

  • Home stay with Brunka (Boruca) families.
  • Guided walking tours of the surrounding areas including waterfall and river (for swimming if desired).
  • Legend and story telling.
  • Demonstrations by artisans of mask carving, drum making, jicara carving, etc.
  • Textile thread dying and its weaving by the women, not only fascinating to watch, but also to learn the process of dying the cotton using a myriad of natural dyes and the use of their traditional backstrap – loom weaving technique.
  • Visit to their tribal museum/cultural center.
  • Guided tour through a scenic trail to a rainforest area in the process of being reforested, where your guides will show you an array of nocturnal animals.
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  1. We are interested in considering one, or more, of the Eco-ethno tours. Please advise me of available dates and coordinating transportation.

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