San José Museum Walking Tour

An informative and delightful day can be spent in San José visiting the museums which are all within easy walking distance from the gallery (see map). Starting at the Gold Museum you will get the opportunity to understand not only the fascinating use and forms of the gold pieces, so important to the ceremonial and daily lives of the various tribes who inhabited pre-Columbian Costa Rica, but also one learns of the process involved in creating these beautiful pieces. About ten minutes walk East of there you will see the fine old rehabilitated Armory that houses the National Museum. This museum offers a broad overview to the background of the cultures from early times through the Colonial era right up to the Civil War and the Independence of present day Costa Rica.
If you proceed back to the Jade Museum, about 10 minutes walk Northwest, you will discover a museum showing the fabulous pre-Columbian artifacts made in jade as well as a stunning collection of pre-Columbian pottery and many other art forms from pre-Hispanic Costa Rica. From there you are only minutes away from GalerÌa Namu where all that you will have learnt from your museum visits comes together in an impressive offering not only of reproductions, but also the contemporary art expressions of the descendants of the early inhabitants of Costa Rica. In addition, you may avail of written background information on the various tribes and their art.
In this walking tour there are many restaurants to stop for lunch. For suggestions, feel free to drop by the gallery and ask for our recommendations.

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