Panama’s Wounnan Tribe: Fusion Basket & Tagua Carving

It is an honour and a privilege to be able to offer fine arts collectors and lovers of the wild this extraordinary art form from the hands of the best proponents of the tradition such as the internationally recognized Cheucarama family carvers from the Wounaan tribe of Panama.

The Cheucarama family tagua carvers’ collaboration with the weavers of fine chunga palm leaf baskets have created an innovative style involving these two native materials fused in a single work. All works are signed by the artist.

Click here to see Galeria Namu’s Wounaan basket collection for the Chunga and tagua fusion baskets.

Although the majority of these pieces are unique and non-repeated compositions, when a tagua carving from our website or gallery sells, bear in mind that the same piece can be re-created by the artist upon request resulting in a near-perfect copy of the original piece.