Wedding Ideas: Unique Gifts Celebrating Marriage

Wedding Ideas: Personlized Gifts

The earth laughs in flowers; a flower is love looking for a word. From bouquets to boutonnieres every wedding is marked by a profusion of flowers to remind all involved that love and marriage are joyful, fresh occasions and as wondrous as the blossoms of the earth. Not that such perfection can be outdone, but weddings are also a time to make some presentations that will be a proxy for the sentiments of love. We have had many opportunities to serve our clients with unique gifts and wedding ideas.

Galeria Namu offers distinctive options for all involved with the celebration: bride and groom, mother of the bride, bridesmaids, as well as unique wedding favours for guests. In the past we have helped wedding planners and families involved in the fine points of selecting gifts help to make the wedding unique and memorable. Be aware that purchasing from our art collections, apart from the universal approval for Fair Trade gifts, often means that the selection can be personalized. Herein are some ideas that have pleased and delighted past recipients.

Wedding Ideas: Jewelry wedding jewelry

In last month’s blog we wrote about a very special fusion using tagua pendants made by renowned jewelry designer, Lucia Echaverría, whose specialty is Bridal Jewelry. This jewelry art is not only a thing of extraordinary beauty for the bride, but subsequently it would become a keepsake, a beautiful heirloom for the bride’s family. Another asset to working directly with these artists is that it allows for some degree of customization thus allowing bridal accessories be customized, making them distinctly personal.

For the bride, or mother-of-the-bride, the tagua fusion necklaces should not be missed. Not only are they utterly elegant, but they were specifically designed with brides in mind. Lucía is internationally celebrated as the ultimate choice for bridal necklaces, and, by the way, she also makes tiaras. A mother-of-the-bride recently ordered four pairs of delicate hummingbird earrings for her daughter’s bridesmaids and was completely delighted with the result.

Wedding Ideas: Favours

wedding favour ideas
Wedding Favours: Pre-Columbian Pendants

Wedding favours can often be predictable clichés, but not if they are chosen carefully and perhaps personalized with the couples’ names. Some of our more popular wedding favour ideas include:

  • Jicara maracas from the Brunka tribe with one name inscribed on each of the pair.
  • Contemporary Chorotega tribal pottery plates with names and dates etched on the back.
  • Tropical flora and fauna colourful ceramic tiles (coasters) perfect for customizing.
  • Charming gold-dipped reproductions of Pre-Columbian amulets (pendants): shamans, frogs, jaguars and more.
  • Attractive Lenca pottery candle holders, quite unique.

    wedding favors
    Fair Trade Wedding Ideas

Many of these wedding favours are priced under $15, each in its own right an original work of art.

It would take too long to mention the vast possibility of wedding ideas and gifts available from Galería Namu. To select a special something of lasting beauty, which will include background information of the artists, not to mention the relevance of making your commitment to supporting Fair Trade will say a lot about your sensibilities as you support the new couple in their new life together. Please contact me with any questions or for more wedding ideas for gifts and favours.


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