J.A. Campos

Jorge started his art career modestly, not really believing that he was particularly talented, but motivated to express visual reflections of his beloved home here in Costa Rica. He does, however, acknowledge an important influence on the aesthetics found in many of his compositions: indigenous imagery, and in particular, imagery derived from Pre-Hispanic Chorotega pottery. The Chorotega culture is the native culture of the Guanacaste region, located in north western Costa Rica, and from which Jorge proudly claims descent. His art career started with mixed-media painted wood plaques combining stylized Pre-Colombian images and motifs with complementary details and zones created with black, grey and white sands of certain Costa Rican beaches adhered to the surface. After some time creating just these ‘plaques’, Campos created other distinctive styles of paintings informed by other themes of Costa Rica: larger canvases, mysterious and elegant , re-arranging Pre-Colombian motifs, stunning mirrors with painted borders depicting local flora and fauna in a more realistic rendering style – a practical piece but at the same time, a wonderful piece of wall art, and painted canvases depicting stylized nature scenes with what could be described as a ‘contemporary’ edge.

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