Used Ceremonial Masks

These used ceremonial tribal masks have actually been worn in the Danza de los Diablitos in the villages of Boruca, or Rey Curré in Costa Rica. Representing the indigenous population in the choreography of the dance, the masks usually feature a demonic visage, but also can depict predatory, or mythologically symbolic fauna, an ancestor, or an ogre/monster. During the 3 day annual ceremony, these personages confront the single antagonist in this event’s choreography – the toro (bull) which embodies the invading European (in this case, the Spanish) and all of the foreign elements subsequently imposed on the Brunka. Galería Namu has exclusive rights to purchase these exceptional ceremonial (used) masks for the discriminating collector. Several in this collection are accompanied with photo documentation of a given mask actually being worn during the Danza.

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