Diablo Mask 003


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Sky Horns

This wood mask’s design corresponds to the traditional diablo mask-type used by the Brunka to represent themselves in their centuries-old Danza de los Diablitos. The antagonist, the toro (bull), represents the invading Spanish. Typical of many diablo wood masks used in this Brunka ceremony, the balsa wood of this hand carved mask is completely covered with the most detailed painting.

This potent mask design, decorated with such detailing and exaggerated ‘sky horns’, features intricately painted elements alluding to animal feathers, skins and ancestral petroglyph motifs. Shamanistic ‘power lines’ and “power points” fill other zones of this complex mask. Outrageousness and exaggeration of form, as seen in this piece, is a traditional tendency in the Brunka tribe’s mask design repetoire.

  • Tribe: Brunka (Boruca)
  • Size: 14 1/2″ x  27 3/4″ (37 X 70.5)
  • Artist: Edixon  Mora L.

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