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Pen and Ink: Caribbean Neighborhood

Costa Rican artist, Enrique Campos, although not of Afro-Caribbean extract himself, lived for many years during his youth in the Caribbean coastal areas of Limón Province. His medium, pen and ink, lends itself wonderfully to such scenes, as this one, of Costa Rica’s south eastern coastline and the Afro-Caribbean population who call it home.

A self-taught artist, Campos, with an almost architectural attention to detail and graphic flourish, creates dense scenes which transport one to these tropical climes of Costa Rica where a Jamaican-influenced English can be heard spoken along streets lined with the distinctive wood-construction vernacular of this province.

This particular scene depicts the ever-present jungle behind plantations and neighbourhoods in this region of Costa Rica. Highlighted here too is the ramshackle logic of a wood and tin roof Caribbean neighbourhood. A cricket match in progress and a Baptist church punctuates the uneven roof lines of homes by the edge of the forest – a typical panorama, especially in the days of yore during this artist’s childhood.

  • Folk Art Artist: Enrique Campos
  • Limited Edition Prints (Pen and Ink)
  • Size: 19″ x 22 1/4″ (48 cm x 55 cm)

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