Hand Carved Wood CM01


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Large Tropical cedro Wood Chest

Unique, creative, and utilitarian artwork. The craftsmanship present in this baul (wood chest) is stunning. These are lidded chests of cedro wood (very fragrant on the inside) carved by master wood carvers of the Valle de Los Angeles in central Honduras. The precision of the craftsmanship is such that one cannot readily discern the fact that they are lidded! You will see how organic and wonderfully asymmetric the carved bas-relief is covering the whole object seamlessly. Needless to say, this is no ordinary chest. The theme of this baul (lidded chest) is a sloth mother and young among the canopy of a Central American rainforest.

  • Artist: community wood carvers of the Valle de Los Angeles
  • Size: 18″x18″x38″
  • Region: Valle de Los Angeles, Honduras

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