Painted Canvas Pre-Colombian 001 (Folk Art Campos Painting 004)


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Campos Painting of Pre-Colombian Motifs

This J.A. Campos painting, takes the artists initial creative exploration (smaller scale paintings on wood plaques) of form and symbols of Pre-Colombian motifs, used by the ancient cultures from the territory presently known as Costa Rica, and expands the scale enlarging these studies.

This particular work, matted and framed acrylic on canvas, is a study of different forms and raw materials used by these different local Pre-Columbian cultures. Some of these forms are references to elaborate petroglyphs (reptile-like creatures seen up the sides), as well as allusions to the surface decorations  applied to the famed polychrome pottery objects of the Guanacaste region in Costa Rica .

Item Details:

  • Folk Art Artist: Jorge Arturos Campos
  • Acrylics on canvas
  • Size: 27 1/2″ x 34 1/2″ (70 cm X 88 cm)

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