Painted Canvas Natural Scenes 001 (Folk Art Campos Painting 003)


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Rainforest Painting

This tropical rainforest painting, acrylic on canvas and beautifully matted and framed, is an ode to Costa Rica’s rich bio-diversity. J.A. Campos, the artist, allows his rendering style to be flavoured by slight abstraction, or stylization for which he is known to be influenced. More specifically, this influence is a sublimation of Pre-Hispanic graphics and illustrative aesthetics and applied here to a typical Costa Rican rainforest scene. This particular canvas is a study of a keel-billed toucan pair, ‘marching’ leaf cutter ants and neo-tropical flora.

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  • Folk Art Artist: Jorge Arturos Campos
  • Acrylics on canvas
  • Size: 19 1/2″ x 24″ (49.5cm X 61cm)

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