Solentiname Arts 002


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Carved and Painted Fish

The Solentiname islanders of Lake Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua) are primarily fishing and farming people. Almost all of them are also artists going back several generations! Among these island residents, the talent and urge to express themsleves artistically convinced a local priest (who has be living and serving among them for years and who is ex-Minister of Culture), Ernesto Cardinal, to guide artists in their technique and promote their talents beyond this lake .

This particular sculpture is a carved and painted work in balsa wood depicting ‘magical realism’ fish of Lake Nicaragua. Its base features a forest waterfall with local wetland birds. Solentiname arts have become rather well known internationally among folk art collectors and academicians. These oil painters and folk sculpture carvers have created their own ‘school’ of expression – the distinct Nicaraguan Solentiname style.


  • Size: 18 1/2″ (47 cms.) tall

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