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Painted Plate

Eugenia Barrionuevo is a prolific painter of our women artists collection and resident of the Caribbean Province of Limón on the east coast of Costa Rica. Women, children, family and neighborhood scenes make up her regional studies and portraits of Costa Rica’s Afro-Caribean population of Limón.

This particular line of Eugenia’s is a clever and culturally relevant one: painted plates, bowls and cups – using these as canvases for her Afro-Caribbean painted compositions. In any Limón kitchen one will find such traditional crockery of enameled metal.

Composition of this particular colorful painted plate (aluminum) would be a popular theme in Limón Province – or Jamaica for that matter – ‘rundown’ (pronounced rondon in Limón) – a delicious a very typical sea food and roots, coconut milk soup, or chowder. So-called ‘rundown’ as people come running for the stuff!

  • Folk Art Artist: Eugenia Barrionuevo
  • Location: Limón, Costa Rica
  • Medium: aluminum plate
  • Size: 10″ (25.5cm) diameter

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