Brunka Woodcut Engraving BAW2


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Native Myth

This compostion, laid down in a black and Prussian blue hued palette, features a vinette of an intimate tribal myth of the Brunka: the broyera rójc – mythic beings of very small stature that live down by coast and which collect macaw feathers. Their coral-like bones can be found at times in the sand (elders relate having seen them). This is a study of Fernández’s of the Brunka tribe’s ‘old ways’ – their native traditions, language and oral history (several forms of which, fortunately, still survive – others have not survived the passage of time). Surely these traditional stories would be part of Fernández’s (in her 50’s) vivid memory as Boruca – relatively recently – maintained these traditions.

Handsomely matted and framed, this work is titled: “Los Broyeraes”

Fernández has been creating, for years, breath taking works in the traditional activity of adorning (by engraving) the dried shell of the jícara fruit – used as liquid containers and sives by the region’s Native groups. This very technique of jícara fruit adornment is precisely the technique required to do wood cut print making. About four years ago, an artist from the capital went to two Indigenous Reservations in the south of Costa Rica to teach a few renowned jícara fruit artisan’s  the techniques of print making. Fernández was one of these selcted artists.

This Native artist of Boruca village is an astro in the “Hall of Fame” of Costa Rican tribal artists. Several of her woodcut print pieces were selected by the current Costa Rican President (Laura Chinchilla) for the nationally important tour of Europe soon after having been being sworn in as President three years ago. Lolita Fernández prints were given, at the time of this official visit, as gifts from the people of Costa Rica to the German Chancellor, French President and the then Pope.


  • Tribe: Brunka
  • Artist: Lolita Fernández
  • Location: Southern Pacific Watershed, Costa Rica
  • Size: 16 3/4” x 14 1/4” (42.5 cm x 36.5 cm)

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