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A particular group of the Cabécar tribe in Costa Rica’s Talamanca mountain range are making collectible bark animal crafts from hand made fiber. Using natural adornments such as seeds, shells, bamboo, copra fiber, palm and other plants deritives, each bark animal is hand stitched and hand painted with natural plant dyes, as are the pictorial collages.  The delightful style, primitive or folk-like craft of bark animal art, appeals to all who see them. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, creating a wonderful collection of indigenous art while helping a tribal people exist in their natural territory.

Within this 3 piece set – 1 small framed mastate montage, featuring two green parrots, and 2 mastate figures – elements speak of indigenous lifeways intimately connected to this Talamanca Moutains tribe. The figures depict: a mounted man on a work mule and a bead-adorned turtle.

  • Tribe: Cabécar
  • Location: Talamanca Mountains, Costa Rica
  • Size: each piece varies – typically animals approx. 6″ x 5″ and collages approx. 4″ x 6″


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