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Although these Chorotega indigenous potters from the Nicoya region of northwestern Costa Rica create a line of pottery that generally has a certain contemporary flair mixed up with ancestral motifs and forms, sometimes an artist will re-create, as faithfully as possible, a piece from their ancestor’s repetoire such as this remarkable chocolatera (recipient for the highly esteemed cocoa drink so important to these cultures)

The designs inherent in this piece are a mixture of lower Central American cultures and Mesoamerican traditions with a central visage that could be an important leader, ancestor, or shaman with face paint reminicent of tears. The tripod supports are the heads of some mythic beings. The original of this pot can be seen in the Museo Nacional in San Jose the capital of Costa Rica..

  • Tribe: Chorotega
  • Location: Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • Size: 10 1/4″  x 9″  (26 cm x  23cm)

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