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Ngobe-Buglé pollera Dress

The women of this large lower Central American indigenous group, the Ngobe-Buglé (Guaymí), of Costa Rica and Panama, wear the pollera dress – young and old alike. This distinctive native garment (made from trade cloth) features vivid, contrasting colours rendered through a quilting technique. The principle quilted motif is the serrania (moutain range) pattern running along the edges of these home-tailored dresses. The Cordillera Central of Costa Rica and Panama is the ubiquitous topological backdrop throughout their territory.

This utilitarian garment’s cut is by definition ‘billowy’ and actually hides a woman’s figure (and even her pregnancy). It’s really almost an “all-size-fits-all” piece (as long as stature is taken into account). This particular size would fit a girl from 6-9 years old.



  • Artist: unknown/Coto Brus Reserve
  • Tribe: Ngöbe-Buglé
  • Size: 1″ x ” or cm x cm

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