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Gold Charm Bracelet

Unique jewelry, such as this gold charm bracelet ‘dripping’ with miniatures of the sumptuous gold amulets that were so important to this pre-European contact culture of present day Costa Rica. The piece will be greatly appreciated by the recipient; she may believe it holds special powers of old.

Made using the same ancient technique that the original, pre-Columbian goldsmiths employed – lost wax casting –  fine cast gold charms, or amulets, were worn by personages of rank when these societies were flourishing mostly in the southern Pacific coast region of present-day Costa Rica.

Symbols such as this amulet reflected an inherited rank and position and became the very objects of desire that inspired the first European explorers.  These replicated pieces are 24 gold plated made by a master goldsmith with great attention to detail drawn from the original works as seen in the Gold Museum in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Item Details:

  • Size: varies
  • Dates: 900 CE – 1500’s
  • 24 carat gold plate over bronze



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