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Gold Amulet: Shaman

In their era, part of the power and allure of these gold pieces were their very purposeful use of reflecting surfaces to catch and reflect the glare of the sun, on such areas as the smooth, polished surface of this figure. This spectacular amulet, representing the mystical countenance of a powerful shaman, is presented within a black ‘shadowbox’ as a decorative wall art ornament.

Such symbols of inherited rank and position in these societies were the very objects that inspired the first European explorers, when they witnessed gold amulet decorated inhabitants of today’s Costa Rica, to name this Central American territory: Costa Rica (rich coast).

Created using the same ancient technique that the original, Pre-Columbian goldsmiths employed – lost wax casting – this fine cast gold amulet was worn by personages of rank when these societies were flourishing mostly in the southern Pacific coast region of present-day Costa Rica.


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  • Size: 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ (24 x 24cm)
  • 900 CE – 1500’s



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