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Mythic Animals Amulet

This translucent green jade amulet represents recurring mythic animals that figures prominently in the cosmologies of these pre-European contact cultures.

This particular amulet contains two cryptic beasts in one piece. First there is the ave pico , the so-called long-billed bird, which is a recurring theme in the region’s mythology of this epoch. The ave pico motif has clear fertility connotations. It is believed that this mythic being was inspired by a wetland bird type. The second creature found in this composition (turning the piece on its side 90 degrees) is another oft-depicted animal: a mammal with a very long tail – reminiscent of a coatimundo.

  • Size: 1 1/4″ (3.25 cm long)
  • Central American jadeite
  • 500 BC – 800 AD

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