Pottery Vessel Figure 0003


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Lidded Effigy Incense Burner

Gran Nicoya Archeological Region.

This remarkable and complex lidded effigy incense burner consists of two mythic beings within its design: a double headed jaguar based and a stylized, dragon-like, crocodile adorning the top lid. The ‘bumps’ covering much of the surface of this piece is an allusion to the bumpy skin of this large reptile – a feared and respected resident of many rivers of Costa Rica.

This sculptural piece really comes alive when incense is burning inside this bi-valve pottery vessel and the fragrant smoke rises and wafts through the upper opening enshrouding the fearsome reptile which dominates the top of this object.

  • Size: 14 1/2 x 18 1/4 (37cm x 47cm)
  • 700 – 1000 CE

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