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Lidded Insence Burner

This earlier piece from the Gran Nicoya arquelogical region – a lidded insence burner featuring a stylized mythical feline figure adorning the top of the lid and mammalian-form tripod feet – is a typical two part incensario of which many were excavated in this area of northwestern Costa Rica and due to the quantity of such insence burners like this one that were unearthed, it must have been an object of particular importance for these pre-European societies.

Its decoration is comprised of incised lines and pressed impressions created when the clay was still unbaked as well as details in pastillaje (the technique of applied plastic detailing by creating forms with the very clay of the vessel or figure itself) instead of clay ‘paint’ slips on the surface as seen in later pieces.

  • Size:  14 x 10 3/4″
  • Pre Columbian Art
  • AD 500 – 750

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