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Pre Columbian Pottery Vessel

This later-era pot from Costa Rica’s Gran Nicoya Archeological area of the present day Guanacaste region, was a highly prized object that was traded throughout this large geographical culture area and even beyond, such vessels having been found as far north as present-day Guatemala and Mexico. The aesthetic and colour tones of such poly-chrome pots from this time period are notable for their ever-increasing finesse, vibrant tones, perfection of form and abstraction. This Pre-Columbian pottery vessel displays clear references to Kan, or Tlaloc – the deity associated with the rains – as well as a highly abstracted band making a reference to Quetzalcoatl – the all-important feathered serpent civilizing deity of Mesoamerica.

  • Size: 10 3/4″ tall (27.5 cm)
  • AD 1200-European contact
  • Artist: Miguel Angel Sanabria

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