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Tripod Bowl

From Costa Rica’s Gran Nicoya Archeological Region, this pottery tripod bowl is a typical piece found in such tombs of the elite from this region. The tripod, as opposed to a four-legged, structure is an idiosyncrasy of these cultures from this period and region. In the case of this bowl in particular, the legs are anthropomorphic portraits of shamans, or possibly chieftains. These tripod legs on the pottery from this region can take many forms: animal, human and even stylized female breasts.

The artisans who created this pottery aesthetic, and who lived in present day Guanacaste region, were peoples influenced by both southern (South American) cosmologies as well as Mesoamerican cosmological traditions.

  • Size: 7 1/4″ diameter
  • Artist: Juany
  • 950-1300 CE

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