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Pre-Hispanic Turkey Vessel

Within the Gran Nicoya Archeological Area (Guanacaste-Nicoya regions of NW Costa Rica) there have been excavated several turkey vessels, such as this piece, covered with complex polychrome surface designs. These designs in clay slips are often depicting in very abstract motif Mesoamerican deities such as Quetzalcoatl and Tlaloc (seen on the neck of this vessel).

This ‘effigy vessel’, most likely created for the after-life (most of the Pre-Hispanic treasures of Central America come from tombs of deceased elite), and would have been created to hold such liquids as cacao the highly esteemed chocolate drink, or maybe sacred corn liquor called chicha.

  • Size: 9″ x 5 3/4″ (23cm x 15cm)
  • AD 1200 CE – European contact

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