Ecological-Cultural Mask 014


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Ecology and Ancestry Oversize Eco-mask

The Brunka mask makers sometimes use the mask artform as a medium, or canvas itself, to explore themes from their immediate natural surroundings including compositions that blend flora and fauna with regional landscapes of Costa Rica’s southern Pacific Coast watershed.

In the primeval forests of the lower Central American isthmus, with its abundance of life forms and natural resources, the most exuberant expressions of nature are to be found. This composition explores fauna and vegetation from the mountain heights down to the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean. An oversize Brunka ‘eco-mask’, the depicted wildlife covering this composition creates the “headdress” of an ancestral spirit face ever present and very well camouflaged towards the bottom of this piece.

  • Tribe: Brunka
  • Size: 15″ x 43″ (38 x 109cms)
  • Artist: German Morales D.

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