Ecological-Cultural Mask 003


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Rainforest Fauna in Action

These elaborate, almost narrative ‘ecological/cultural masks are an evolution emerging from the traditional Brunka ceremonial masks. Using the same wood species (balsa wood or tropical cedar) as the worn masks, these fine art pieces are reminiscent of story boards allowing the mask artists to render scenes from local landscapes, flora and fauna of the Brunka tribe’s territory, as well as scenes from their tribal legends, cosmology and Pre-Hispanic past.

This ‘eco-mask’ features an animated study of colourful residents of Brunka tribal territory – rainforest fauna in action among foliage and vines, or lianas. An interesting touch is the sloth’s embrace of the traditional ancestral spirit face along the bottom of these carved compositions – a unique Boruca mask art style!

This composition, full of action, contemplates the grace and beauty of these tree-bound animals, All of the animal communities, plus the human communities, as well as the animals’ spirit caretakers and persisting ancestral spirits, are all intertwined within Brunka territory and are made manifest through these carved traditional masks and mask arts.

  • Size: 9″ x 19 ” (23  x 48.5 cm)
  • Material: painted balsa wood
  • Artist: Bernardo Gonzalez M.

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