Traditional Diablo Mask 018 (small)


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Exquisitely Crafted Indigenous Mask

Brunka masks, such as this, are smaller, stylized versions of their traditional, hand-carved diablo indigenous masks used by the Brunka, a Costa Rican tribe of the country’s southern Pacific coast zone. These masks are worn to represent themselves – the defending Native population – in their centuries-old Danza de los Diablitos, an annual ceremony whereby the antagonist represents the invading Spanish.

This particular mask art piece features classic diablo designs scaled down to the size of a smaller maquette of one that would be worn by a ceremonial participant (hand carved local balsa wood). This piece features striking  surface designs, and fine line work alluding to shamanic energy. Employing studied asymmetry, this hand carved and painted tribal mini mask is a piece that will not disappoint.

  • Tribe: Brunka
  • Size: 5 1/2″ X 9″ (14 X 23cm)
  • Artist: Gonzalez-Rojas family

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