Diablo Mask 003


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This carved tropical cedar wood mask’s design corresponds to the traditional diablo mask-type used by the Brunka tribe to represent themselves in their centuries-old Danza de los Diablitos. The antagonist, the toro (bull), represents the invading Spanish. Typical of many diablo wood masks used in this tribal ceremony, besides the softer balsa wood most often carved, some tropical hardwood are also carved and left natural such as this piece with warm red hues and beautiful wood grain.

This potent mask design – a wicked visage – possessing relief work with such detailing and those luminous natural tones makes this piece a special and exemplary Brunka cultural mask.

  • Tribe: Brunka (Boruca)
  • Size:  7 1/2″ x  15 1/4″ (19 X 39 cms)
  • Artist: Sergio Gonzalez R..

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