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Ancestral Phantom Used Mask

Carved from local balsa wood and adorned with wild grasses, this evocative ancestral phantom mask sends a chill down the spine. As found to be told in so many Native communities all over America, stories and tribal myth tell of such beings that defy explanation and yet still in the 21st century they roam – as reported by many – the forest paths and riverbanks. This diablito mask is a homage to such mythically potent and feared entities of the forests and river courses in this tribe’s territory of the south Pacific region of Costa Rica.

Mask worn in the Danza de los Diablitos of 2019-2020 in the village of Rey Curre.

  • Tribe: Brunka (Boruca)
  • Size: 16″ x 19 1/2” (41cm x 49.5cm)
  • Artist: Gonzalez-Rojas family

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