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Jade Gold Jaguar: Ceremonial Mask 2018-2019

This spectacular ceremonial Brunka mask was worn by a participant in the tribe’s annual ceremonial, Danza de los Diablitos of 2018-2019 in the village of Boruca (carved and adorned by a mask maker from this village).

This powerful mask, carved in balsa wood, painted and adorned with feathers, is a composition – jade and gold jaguar – honouring an ancestor – possibly a chieftain, or a shaman – as a defender of Brunka lifeways and their ancestral lands.

Once this mask is strapped over the head of the jugador (masked participant), the transformation is complete and makes for a stunning and rather threatening effect – as can be seen in the valuable context image of this mask being worn.



  • Artist: Carlos Lazaro M.
  • Tribe: Brunka (Boruca)
  • Size:  11″ x 28 1/2″ (29 x 73 cm)

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