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Poison Dart Frog

These masks actually represent the indigenous population in this centuries-old tribal event. This particular diablito mask – a poison dart frog – was used every day in this annual, 3 day ceremony in the indigenous community of Rey Curre.

This unique diablo mask is not a typical design. Besides the more common diablo/demon mask designs, one can observe masks that represent ancestors (chieftains, warriors and shamans), as well as local fauna (such as this particular mask) – predator animals being the more widespread type. However, the poison dart frog, for the Brunka, is a special animal.

Used in the traditional tribal event: Danza/Juego de los Diablitos of 2018-2019, this pìece comes accompanied with all-important photo-documentation.

  • Tribe: Boruca (Brunka)
  • Size: 8″ x 12″ (20.5 x 31 cm)
  • Artist: G. Gamboa Rojas

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