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Vampire Simian Used Mask

Carved and painted balsa wood, this used ceremonial mask was worn in the Danza/Juego de los Diablitos of 2019-2020 in the village of Boruca. The bizarre rendition of this (vampire) simian mask is rather startling!

The diablito, or little devil mask, in Spanish, represents the aboriginal population in the choreography of this tribal, centuries-old danza. Besides a stereotypical diabolical visage in the majority of the mask designs, a wild animal, an ogre, a spirit-being, or the visage of an ancestor, can also symbolize the indigenous population in the danza.

This vampire simian mask is a homage to the surrounding neo-tropical forest and the teeming life that it contains. The terrifying incorporation in this mask composition of the oversized, bloody fangs, typifies a sense of utter exaggeration that one observes in the traditional repetoire of these tribal masks.


  • Tribe: Brunka (Boruca)
  • Size: 9 3/4″ x 21 3/4″ (25 x 56 cm)
  • Artist: A. Leiva

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