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Wood Rail

This wood rail mask, worn in the Danza/Juego de los Diablitos of 2017-2018 in the village of Boruca, truly transforms the wearer as the context image attests (made available to the new owner). This is a most realistically rendered represenation of this dawn/evening, hen-like, bird that prefers to walk and run than take flight. The male has a most unforgettably odd call to his mate that one can hear in the half-light of sun up, or sun down in certain parts of this Central American region.

This worn mask is a vivid, continuing link to the Brunka peoples’ past and their sense of belonging on the land throughout a millenia-long history in the southern Pacific coast watershed. Carved from one, hollowed balsa wood trunk.

Mask sold with accompanying photo documentation of this piece being used in this traditional tribal event.

  • Tribe: Boruca (Brunka)
  • Size: 10 1/2″ x 21” (27 x 54cm)
  • Artist: Y. Morales Delgado

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