Flora and Fauna Basket 002


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Mini Rainforest

This particular gem of a mini rainforest basket features a “combed- stitch” technique and depicts hummingbirds, butterflies, tropical blossoms and foliage. An eye-catching underside is decorated by the swirling foliage of the main design terminating in a big flower.

Another notable feature of this piece is its attractive flattened elevation profile – the pieces cuts a graceful silouette.

These exquisite woven baskets handmade from split chunga palm leaf and natural dyes of the indigenous Wounaan of Panama feature design themes derived from the flora and fauna of the tribe’s territory in the Darien region of Panama.

  • Type: Decorative Basket
  • Size: 2″ x 3″ (5 cm x 7.75 cm)
  • Tribe: Wounaan

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