Flora and Fauna Basket 009



Sea turtle and Coral Basket

Composed with interspersed butterflies and geometric forms over a cream background tone, this Darien rainforest basket was created with a snug fitting, knobbed lid and a handsome oval form (as opposed to the typical globe form). This would be a piece sought after by collectors as a finer example of a lidded hosig di Wounaan basket. This lovely piece, with its juxtaposed elements of vividly coloured tropical butterflies on black background, makes a delightful added presence in any space.

These exquisite decorative baskets, handmade from split chunga palm leaf and natural dyes by the indigenous Wounaan of Panama, features design themes derived from the flora and fauna of the Wounaan’s territory in the Darien region of Panama.

  • Type: Woven Baskets
  • Size: 10 x 10 cms
  • Tribe: Wounaan

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