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Tropical Blossoms

This handsome Wounaan basket is a fine example of the tight and small stitching thus producing the effect of tapestry.  This ‘combed-stitch’ tropical blossoms-themed basket mixes stylized design with naturalistic elements which delineate flowers of this tribe’s territory.

Woven by Panama’s Wounaan tribe, all weaving is hand done using chunga palm leaves; strands are dyed using organic materials to provide a variety of vibrant colour. On the underside image of this basket, one can appreciate the central hibiscus flower motif. This piece adds value and artistic appreciation to any collectible baskets display.

  • Tribe: Wounaan
  • Type: Wounaan Baskets
  • Size: 5 1/2″x 5″ (14 x 12.75 cm)

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