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Wounaan Woven Basket: ‘Stained Glass’ Design

This Wounaan woven basket is hand woven made from split chunga palm leaf and colored with natural dyes by the indigenous Wounaan of Panama. Such eye-catching designs require an extremely controlled design execution.

This handsome Wounaan woven basket is woven employing the so-called ‘combed stitch’, whereby the inner coil structure is covered, or hidden, by a ‘skin’ that covers this inner structure. The design itself is a fascinating interplay between two tone black and white elements with stark, jewel-like colour elements. The effect reminds one of stained-glass work.

  • Tribe: Wounaan
  • Type: Woven Basket
  • Size: 3″ high” x 3″ diameter (8 cm x 8 cm)

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