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Online Shopping with Galería Namu

Please review Shipping Information prior to ordering:

  • All orders are configured on this website to ship via Certified Costa Rica mail.  If you prefer to use a different service as outlined below in Question #3, please indicate which service you desire  in the comments form at time of check-out.  You will need to indicate your preference of shipping method and the ship-to address, if different than billing.  We will contact you ASAP to confirm.  Any and all additional shipping charges will apply.
  • Our website is configured to ship orders to the USA and Canada. If you are shipping  to any other country, please contact us prior to ordering.  Please indicate the item(s), the country of delivery and the shipping method you prefer. We will then  provide you the exact shipping fee via e-mail.

#1. What is your policy regarding returns?

A. To return an item, an RMA (returned merchandise authorization) needs to be issued by us to initiate the process.  There are two options to request an RMA:

  • From the USA call: 800-616-4322
  • All others: send an email to with RMA Request in the subject field.

Regretfully, there is a 20% restocking fee and the return shipping of all orders will be the buyer’s responsibility. We are happy, however, to say that in our seven years of internet sales, returns are extremely few.  The reason for the restocking charge is due to customs requirements in Costa Rica for all incoming packages; they are very stringent and inevitably subjected to an import tax, including those being returned to the country of origin.

#2. The piece I want is very delicate, will it travel safely?

A. We have been shipping worldwide for more than twelve years. We use the very best of packing materials and our experienced employee in charge of packaging  has made careful, creative packing his own art form.  If an item is received damaged, please contact us immediately. Over the past ten years, damage claims have been less than one per cent.

#3. What shipping options does Galería Namu offer?

A. We offer two methods of shipping:

  1. Costa Rica’s National Mail, certified; a service that takes an average of 15 days to arrive.
  2. EMS, a National Mail Courier; takes about 5 days to arrive and costs 50% more than the Costa Rica certified mail service.  (If you prefer the EMS service, please send us an inquiry with ship-to address and we will provide you a quote).

If you have your own account with any of the major private couriers, DHL, UPS or FedEx, simply provide your account number and we’ll use it to ship your package.

If you wish to pay for shipping with a private courier and do not have your own account, be prepared that it could be 4 times more costly than the certified Costa Rica mail service according to our experience.

You may contact us via email or call us (from the USA) on our 800 line.

#4. What will it cost to ship my order?

Each Galería Namu item has its specific shipping and packaging cost assigned to the item for USA and Canada at time of check-out.*  The shipping fee is presented at the time of selection or once it is placed in your shopping basket and you progress through the payment process.

* Orders shipped to countries other than USA and Canada, require an inquiry; we will calculate and inform you of the actual shipping fee.

#5. What form of payment will you accept?

A. For your protection we are using PayPal services as our payment portal.  A Paypal account is not required; you may use your credit card (Amex, Visa or Mastercard) as you would with any other online purchase. If, however, you prefer to make a credit card purchase directly though us, please contact us via our toll free number (from the USA only) and provide the item’s description, SKU number and price, as well as the shipping address of order.

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