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Golden Chief: Ceremonial Mask

This is a subtly powerful ceremonial mask – with parts incorporating a metallic effect, a homage to their ancestors’ goldsmithing – and adorned with a feathers. The now reduced Brunka tribe – natives to Costa Rica’s southern Pacific watershed – have been creating masks for this danza for centuries. Unique wall art for mask/ethnographic object collectors.  The mask represents the defending kágbru rójk – the ‘diablitos’, representing the Brunka people themselves.

Carved from native balsa wood, this used ceremonial mask was part of the traditional tribal event, Danza de los Diablitos of 2017-2018 in the village of Boruca.

  • Tribe: Brunka (Boruca)
  • Size: 12″x 20″ (31 x 51cm)  – carved mask
  • Artist: Jesus Ruiz Fernandez

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