Flora and Fauna Basket 002



Feline Tracks Amphora

This gem of a larger Darien rainforest basket features a “combed- stitch” technique and depicts a repeated pattern of feline tracks which cover a tall and elegant pìece with an amphora-like silouette . Such an eye-catching object would grace and dominate any space chosen for its exhibicion – a glass shelf would be perfect in order to appreciate its underside.

These exquisite woven baskets handmade from split wild chunga palm leaf and natural dyes of the indigenous Wounaan of Panama feature design themes derived from the flora and fauna of the tribe’s territory in the Darien region of Panama.

  • Type: Decorative Basket
  • Size: 8″ x 12 1/2″
  • Tribe: Wounaan

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Weight 1.8 kg