Buy Wholesale

Galería Namu is a fair trade gallery.  As such, the unique hand-crafted items wholesale-home-decoroffered on our website and within our store are set at a price based on that  which we pay the artisans.  Moreover, the majority of the art pieces are one of a kind and none is mass produced.  Because we have established long-term relationships with the tribes and artists in Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras, we are fortunate to generally have a consistent supply of  inventory.

For retail stores, galleries and wholesalers, Galería Namu currently offers selected items available at a discounted price based on volume purchasing.  Minimum orders may vary depending on item. To receive wholesale  pricing, please contact us with the items of interest and the quantity you are interested in purchasing.

Galería Namu shall provide background information for merchandising purposes, including product and company brochures,  informational sheets and selective photos.

Until a relationship is established with your business for a period of one year, Galería Namu cannot offer Net Terms and then only with established and licensed companies. All orders are to be paid in full prior to shipping, with an initial 50% deposit at time of ordering.

We appreciate your interest and will reply to all requests promptly. Again, contact us via our contact form page.

Thank you.