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Feline Pawprints

A highly unique and rare decorative basket fused with the art of tagua nut carving creating a ‘knob’ of the basket’s lid.  Only an exclusive, tiny group of Wounaan and Emberá tribal artists create this tagua ‘palm ivory’-chunga palm leaf fusion basket type. There is no comparison to such artistic detail and feats of design.  A basket worthy as a rare gift for high art admirers or included with a collection of Indian baskets.

Eye dazzling, this handsoome, naturally dyed, black and white basket is a fitting complement to the carved tagua nut detail on the lid: a design of a complex repetition of feline pawprints, the crowning glory of which, on top, a resting jaguar guards the piece.

  • Type of Artwork: Decorative Baskets
  • Size: 9 1/2″ tall X 7″ diam. (18.5 x 24.25 cm)
  • Artist: Julia Ginguimia

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