Jade Amulet 0003


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Rare Purity: Central American Jade

This authentic jade (jadeite) amulet – a copy of an original piece in the national mueseums’ collections (Costa Rica) – is most enigmatic and contains arcane cosmological connections lost after so many centuries since such symbolism would have been fully understood. What can be definitely interpreted in this carved design are the iconic animals: the ‘ave pico’, a mythological bird with an exageratedly long bill and the head of the venerated jaguar. No doubt this piece is charged with supernatural energy. The particularly pure forest green jade cut selected for this reproduction piece is particularly attractive – a ‘liquidy’ green tone without other mineral impurities – pure Central American jadeite.

  • Size: 3 5/8″
  • Central American jadeite
  • 500 BC – 800 AD

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