Traditional Diablo Mask 021


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This is the genesis of a typical carved balsa wood diablo mask of the Brunka tribe.  Intricately carved and then stained, painted and/or adorned by tribal carvers – in this case P. Morales – the style is a classic diablo design.

A greater appreciation for this venerable art form is inspired upon seeing the beginnings of such a mask; first the mask is drawn out directly on the smooth surface of the balsa wood section to be used (some of these designs are old and have been passed down among mask making families), then, using an array of home made carving tools, the visage and contours of the piece emerge until the two dimensional patrón (drawing) gets fleshed-out into deep relief and three dimensional sculpture.

  • Tribe: Brunka (Boruca)
  • Artist: Jorge Morales
  • Size: 10″ x 18” (25.5 x 45.75)

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